More money being put into school zone flashers

PASCO, Wash. - Pasco had to spend tens of thousands to replace school zone flashers after the company that operated the old ones, closed up shop.

The city and school district are splitting the costs of replacement lights at 52 sites that will cost nearly $100,000. Staff will have the ability to operate the beacons remotely and print out reports in case of any claims of traffic incidents. We wanted to know how taxpayers can be assured the same money won't have to be put up a third time if the next company goes out of business.

"Technology changes and you have to change the system, so this is something that will be there for a long time because we will own it, we will control it with GPS, it's not something we have to rely on the company as much as we did before," said public works director Ahmad Qayoumi.

Pasco expects the new lights to be in place by the time school starts next month.