More people finding their "Happy Ending" online

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Ads that seem to promise illegal sex services are nothing new. They've been in newspapers for years. And, of course these messages have moved online... but what you may find troubling is the sites that have sprung up telling you exactly what you can get away with at establishments here in the Tri-Cities.
We do want to warn you, this is a mature topic.

It's not difficult to find sites that give the names and addresses of erotic massage parlors near you. You might think it's a dead giveaway for online prostitution and all police have to do is call the number to make a bust.

Sgt. Ken Lattin tells KEPR, "They're very careful about their wording and how they phrase things.. and then face to face they're very careful about how money is exchanged or asked for at all."

Like this ad, on A young woman offering body rubs.. she has a wonderful personality, and says 'I won't leave you unhappy,' so 'come play with me.' This is just one of hundreds in our area. It's why Washington's Attorney General has been one of many trying to shut this website down.

"Sex trade, pornography is on the rise, not the decrease and this is one piece of that," Lattin Continues.

You'll find three erotic massage parlors listed in Kennewick on a site called China Sun Massage on Grandridge Blvd. was one of the top-rated parlors in the state by the site's bloggers, saying it was open late and allowed walk-ins.

You won't find China Sun Massage online anymore after police shut it down last month for not having the proper business license, but they tell me, originally, the owners were being investigated for sex trafficking.

Court papers revealed a sting went well beyond a problem with a business license. Undercover officers were touched in a sexual manner without requesting it.

So what about all these other places? Police say resources are tight.
If they had more officers, they could spend more time scouring these sites.

Lattin explains, "We'd be on it all the time and set up undercover stings and things like that. That's not reality. Reality is, our officers are running call to call to call all day long."

Doing more with less, but they try to make sure carefully-placed words don't let anyone skirt the law.

Police do take these cases very seriously and say some of the ads online are fake. A full investigation is always done before action can be taken, making sure they don't defame a business.