More tinted window meters for Kennewick

KENNEWICK - If you're driving with windows tinted way too heavily -- police have more equipment to catch you.

Kennewick added more tinted window meters. Each squad now has two-devices. More officers are also carrying the equipment.

The meter can tell the percentage of
transparency. Anything below 24% is illegal.

Police tell KEPR it's helping them track repeat offenders.

"We're wanting to make sure people are driving safely and that they can see outside of their vehicles. And any lighting conditions -- and having talked with a couple people that I've actually stopped for this -- they've admitted that it's difficult to see outside. So we want to make sure people are complying with the law," said Kennewick Police Officer Craig Hanson.

A ticket price for illegally-tinted windows is $124. It's also smart to keep the sticker that identifies your legal tinting.