Mother & Son Spring Soiree on Saturday, a special dance in honor of Mother's Day

Mother & Son Spring Soiree on Saturday, a special dance in honor of Mother's Day

KENNEWICK, Wash. – In honor of Mother’s Day, Crossview Community Church will be hosting their 2nd annual Mother and Son Ball this Saturday.

The Mother and Son Spring Soiree is a special day for one-on-one time with your boys.

Attendees can look forward to an evening of dancing, special treats and giveaways.

Organizers say the Spring Soiree will be a time to honor mothers in the community, create lasting memories, and teach their sons how to be gentlemen.

"Because these little boys, one day, are not going to be our little boys, they're going to be grown men and I want them to be gentlemen,” explained event coordinator April Watts. “I want them to treat others with respect, not only ladies, but everyone.”

A mother who attended last year, says the Spring Soiree struck her as a special time, and she wants to make it a tradition with her son.

“I think about our relationship and how many years we have together, and this dance may be the only time I dance with my son, until we do the Mother-Son dance on his wedding day,” Erica Gale said.

“I think of my mom and how much we continue to dance together in life, but these moments like this with your son, they're few," she added.

Gale admitted that her little one is not always keen on dressing up, but once she explained to him that it would be a special time with mom—he was excited for the ball.

At the dance, there will also be a silent auction to benefit the Tri-City Pregnancy Network.

You can buy tickets online in advance to save time at the dance, or you can purchase tickets when you walk in the door. There is no age limit.

For more information, please visit Mother & Son Spring Soiree.

For ticket and dance information go to

Saturday at 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Crossview Community

540 N Colorado St, Kennewick, Washington 99336

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