Nanny told police, 'Tawney would never hurt Ryder'

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - KEPR continues to follow the trial of the Richland nanny accused of killing a child in her care.

A Richland detective testified to what Kelli Jacobsen told him right at the hospital while doctors were trying to save Ryder Morrison's life.

Prosecutor Andy Miller asked former Richland officer Ryan Hull about his interview with Jacobsen.

Miller said, "She did not say anything about blame what she actually said was Tawney would never hurt Ryder, pause, Tawney would never hurt Ryder pause, is that correct?

Hull said, "That's correct."

You'll recall the defense suggested at the start of the trial it was possible Ryder's mother, Tawney Johnson, is responsible for her own son's death.

The prosecutor reiterated the point while spelling it out on a board for the jury.

An expert on child abuse also spoke.

Doctor Kenneth Feldman is from Seattle Children's Hospital.

He said Ryder had a number of past broken bones that were causing his bones not to develop properly.

"Ryder had far too many bruises with the majority of them being in the wrong place for normal injuries, so again, these are highly directive to his being an abuse victim", he said.

The defense expects to call its own experts to counter the abuse claims.

Kelli Jacobsen is accused of aggravated manslaughter for the death of the little boy back in 2011.