Nearly 132 gallons of pot dumped in yard

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Legal pot here in Washington is now only a matter of time. Even when it happens there will be limits. KIMA learned about a family in Yakima that got an unusual delivery left in their yard.

This time of year people are filling these bags with leaves. Four big trash bags were left on the side of a home on the 1300 block of Viola Avenue.

"Right in front of the house it smelt really bad like skunkish, dead animals smell. I was thinking somebody could have played a prank or something and just threw a dead animal," said Stella whose mother lives on the property.

Stella says the bags were there for hours from the morning into the evening, and the smell was enough to make Stella to call police. That skunky odor was no animal. Officers opened the bags and discovered mounds of pot.

"We didn't know what it was. I didn't want to touch it," said Stella.

Stella asked us not to show her face because this neighborhood has a history of illegal activity and worries about retaliation.

"Unfortunately we don't have anybody we can attach to the marijuana that we recovered. We don't know who owns it," Captain Rod Light from Yakima Police told KIMA.

Police told Action News the four bags of pot weigh several pounds. They said the street value could be in the thousands. But it's hard to tell without processing it first.

"This quantity of marijuana to be found is certainly unusual. As you can see we're talking four very large garbage bags full," said Light.

Police don't have any leads in this marijuana mystery.

Stella and her family think whoever left it there meant for someone to get it later.

Detectives are still looking for leads. They don't have any official motive to explain why the pot was left there.