Neighbors say they heard cries for help in Pasco homicide

PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco Police are continuing to investigate the death of the female found in an apartment on Lewis St. Friday night as a homicide. Gina Lazara went to the complex today to talk with neighbors about what they heard.

"I still don't believe she's gone, it's hard to believe that somebody you were talking to three or four days ago is no longer here," said James Richeson.

Richeson lives in Business Park Apartments. The complex where the murder took place. He is still in shock.

"There was a lot of cops and I thought that, I just thought they were there for something little, I was looking for yellow tape and there was no yellow tape so I didn't really think that was a murder," he said.

But Richeson was wrong. The place he calls home, a typically quiet place other than some rowdy drinkers, now a murder scene.

"But then I found out that the people involved in the murder were people that I knew, both parties, and it surprised me."

Richeson got back to his place early Saturday morning. Just hours after the homicide took place. Neighbors that were home during the time of the killing say it didn't sound pretty. Police confirmed the murder was violent. Screaming was heard as well as cries for help. Neighbors even heard the sound of things breaking.

"What could possibly make somebody do something like that?" he said.

Suspect Guadalupe Montejano was arrested. He hasn't been charged with the crime yet. Neighbors say Montejano and the victim knew each other well.

People who live in the complex agree the victim was well known around this part of town and it's sad to see her go.

"I would see the girl one day and then the next day she's gone and it's just kinda hard to believe that life's that fast, that easy, I mean I couldn't believe it."

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. By then, we should be able to identify the name of the woman killed..