New DUI laws designed to protect kids' lives

WASHINGTON STATE -- It's a law that's meant to save lives, both old and young. From now on, any person who drives drunk and has a child in the car will face an additional $5,000 fine. It's welcome news for parents like Monica Avila who see their kids as precious cargo.

"When you get a driver that's not cooperating and is not following the law then it makes me very angry," she says.

Governor Gregoire signed the new law Friday. Teens up to 16 would be protected.

Not only would drunk drivers end up in jail, but child services would be notified immediately.

It doesn't end there. If an offender is convicted of felony DUI , the law is tougher and will add a year in prison for each child in the vehicle.

"Its something good that should have been done a long time ago," Avila says.

Police agree and hope it'll not only keep people from driving drunk with their kids, but driving drunk at all.

In Washington there are 500 DUI arrests involving children each year. In those cases, strapping a seat belt is not good enough. Police and responsible parents agree the driver should be kept off the streets.