New stop signs coming to intersection near Milton-Freewater

OREGON DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION NEWS RELEASE -- In response to safety concerns the intersection of the Freewater Highway (OR 339) and the Sunnyside-Umapine Highway (OR 332) will become an "all stop" intersection. Crashes and near misses at the intersection, along with requests from local emergency responders and residents are prompting ODOT to install new STOP signs along OR 339 where it crosses OR 332, about a mile north of Milton-Freewater. The intersection upgrades will include ALL WAY signs attached below each stop sign, plus new painted stop bars and double-yellow no-passing lines. STOP AHEAD reminder signs will also be installed, as well as temporary TRAFFIC CHANGE AHEAD signs. The TRAFFIC CHANGE AHEAD signs will be removed after travelers get used to the new STOP signs. The intersection enhancements are expected to take place shortly after May 26 (Memorial Day). All travelers are cautioned to watch for the new signs and pay extra attention as motorists become familiar with the safety upgrades.

"These changes should help improve safety at this intersection by reducing the number of serious crashes" said ODOT Assistant District 12 Manager Ace Clark. "Local residents, emergency service providers and local ODOT maintenance crews requested that a traffic investigation be done so that safety improvements could be made."

For more information about this project, please contact ODOT Region 5 Public Information Officer Tom Strandberg at (541) 963-1330, or by email at