New SWAT truck for Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- KEPR found out the Tri-Cities is getting a new SWAT truck. It's costing as much as a house. This is Franklin County's current 30-year old SWAT truck. It's designed to fit about 9 officers and equipment. Today's SWAT call outs use 25 officers. Pasco Police say they've just outgrown this rig.

Cpt. Ken Roske tells KEPR, "Been a good truck for us, just at the end of it's life span, so we're upgrading to something more reliable and larger."

The old truck will be traded in and Homeland Security is kicking in cash so the new purchase will be a wash for taxpayers. If Franklin County needs a mobile command center, it will share the use with Benton County. Pasco expects the new SWAT vehicle to arrive in the summer.