New troopers for Oregon State Police

NORTHEAST OREGON -- It's something we come across every single day. No matter where we are there will always be speeders along our roads. But in Oregon, a new contingent of state troopers are hoping to crack on speeders once and for all. KEPR takes you inside their goals and shows you how it could make all of us safer.

Speeding, DUI's and talking on the phone while driving are just three of the many infractions OSP is going after.

And things "Austin" will tell you don't take much time to spot.

"They're not paying attention to drivers pulling out on the side or people crossing or anything going on," said Hermiston resident "Austin."

It's why he was grateful to know a new trooper will be added to Hermiston around August.

"Basically, they're going too fast through town. The only way to remedy that is to have a new trooper," added "Austin."

Another trooper will be placed in Pendleton. Across the entire state, OSP hired 24. The number of new hires in the Umatilla County area doesn't seem like much, but when lives are at stake, extra enforcement truly goes a long way.

"It's still going to be increasing the number of troopers we have out there to answer calls, to assist other agencies, help in our communities, to be available to assist in reducing crime and reducing crashes in your area," said Oregon State Police Lieutenant Gregg Hastings.

Before hitting the streets, troopers will complete 26 weeks of training.
It's not guaranteed all hires will finish -- in the past, some have needed to drop out. Officials tell me the lengthy preparation is necessary.

"We know it's treacherous. We know it's a dangerous career," said Lt. Hastings.

Troopers will train for 16 weeks side-by-side with other city and county officials. That way, officials and troopers alike can work together for scenes involving an active shooter -- or searches for suspects.

Training and patrolling to keep these drivers like "Austin" safe.

OSP says the new hires is just the beginning. They are planning on hiring another group of troopers in the next few months.