No increase of marijuana DUI's

TRI-CITIES - Months have passed since pot was legalized in Washington. Now, KEPR is following up on the number of marijuana DUI's on our highways. We learned WSP hasn't seen an increase of drivers smoking pot in our region - even statewide.

In fact, local troopers say the number of overall DUI's is down compared to this time last year.

Officials say they wouldn't be surprised by a rise in DUI's down the road.

Speeding, swerving and delayed traffic responses can be a sign someone's toking up. Once they've pulled them over, troopers can better judge their possible intoxication.

"Pulse rates high, pupils are dilated. They're just slow and lethargic - their distance and time perception is just off," said Washington State Patrol Sergeant Brian Mihelich.

A DUI is a gross misdemeanor.
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