One dead in officer-involved shooting in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Police say they shot and killed Aaron Wright, 32, after he pointed a gun at them at a duplex on Klamath Avenue and Volland Street Friday morning. Officers were chasing Wright in a stolen car.

Officers say Wright man initially got out of the car and pointed a gun at police before escaping into a duplex. Our reporter at the scene could hear multiple gunshots. Eventually the man came back out of the duplex and pointed the gun at police. Three officers shot at him, including two from KPD and one from Richland Police. Two of the officers involved are also part of the Tri-Cities Regional SWAT Team. All three officers are currently on administrative leave, per standard procedure. Police don't yet know how many times Wright was hit, only describing the scene as "multiple" shots fired.

It was later discovered Wright was armed with a pellet gun. In a news conference, the Chief of KPD said the pellet gun looked like a Beretta to him. It was not known to the Chief if Wright actually fired the pellet gun at officers.

Police suspect Wright was involved in multiple burglaries and robberies overnight, including the theft of license plates. Wright has an "extensive" criminal history with his first run-in with police dating back to 1995 when he was 13 years old.

During the standoff and shooting, Arthur Street was blocked for a while near Kamiakin High School, as well as Neal Street. Kamiakin High was also put on lockdown during a summer session.

KPD transported five people from the scene who were all interviewed. The Chief knew at least one person was booked into jail on outstanding warrants unrelated to the incident Friday morning.

This is the seventh officer-involved shooting since 2006 in the Tri-Cities. Five people have died, two survived. Prior to 2006, the Tri-Cities police departments hadn't shot and killed a suspect for 25 years.