Oregon liquor sales continue to soar

UMATILLA, Ore. - The liquor store in Umatilla has more than doubled its business in the past 7 months thanks to the higher taxes on liquor across the river.

Customers from as far away as Yakima are loading up on their favorite spirits. The larger shelves can't be stocked fast enough.

Some customers even call ahead, placing orders to make their drive worth while.

Store manager Duane Storms, "Its not unusual to have 3 or 4 cases at a time going out daily of certain ones and it's mostly Washington people."

David Heiman drives from the Tri-Cities every month. He said, "We'll make it down here unless we have to have one for one night for a party or something and yeah, we'll pay a little extra up there. Other than that, no thank you."

Business is so good the store is looking into moving into a bigger building.