Outrage grows over local internet video

CONNELL -- A December 22ND basketball game between Connell and Highland High School is sparking outrage. The video even made it's way to a national website.

The video was posted to YouTube last week. Since then, it's received 25,000 views and hundreds of comments. People are saying Connell player No. 34 was way too aggressive. Comments say he should have been removed from the game, and that he had one too many aggressive fouls.

Jose Uriostegui is a Highland Basketball Player's Father. He wasn't at the game, but saw the video. He did not agree with No. 34's actions.

"He had no sportsmanship whatsoever, he didn't try to help any of the players up when they were knocked down."

His son, Faustino Uriostegui is a Highland Sophomore basketball player. His teammates say he took the brunt of the fouls.

"We knew it was gonna be a physical game because they're a football school, but during the game they kinda fouled us harder than we thought," Uriostegui said.

Highland basketball players and their parents tell us they feel their players were treated unfairly during that basketball game, and that No. 34 should have been removed from the game. However, Connell High School administration tells us that this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, and that each and every personal foul was called on player No. 34.

Connell High School Athletic Director Steve Frucci provided this statement to KIMA:

"Our coaches, players and district officials are taking this situation seriously and doing what is needed to refocus our efforts in improving our sportsmanship and fair play."

We took the matter to the organization that oversees the referees about whether they should have thrown out the player.

Dave Pierce of the Tri-Cities Sports Officials Association says the referees aren't allowed to speak publicly. However, he defends the referees' calls that night in his own statement.

"It's getting painted as flagrant fouls or intentional fouls. There were no problems and no fights."

The case is also getting reviewed at the state level by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Officials there won't say if the referees or the player will be punished.

Faustino has his own theory why it happened.

"Maybe it was because it was a home game and the referees didn't want to make calls and have the crowd yelling at them," Faustino said.

Now, there's a different crowd doing the yelling.