Pasco 14 year old skipping high school for college

PASCO, Wash. - She's a modern day Doogie Howser! A Pasco student is skipping high school entirely and going directly to college. Lynnae Glaesemann looks like a typical 14 year old, but she's far from it.

"I would say I always progressed at a faster rate, I was always told I was just bright," said Lynnae, the 14 year old heading to college.

Lynnae progressed through elementary school with the rest of her classmates. But things changed when she hit eighth grade at McLoughlin Middle School. Her family decided she should take the SAT.

"We'll try it, see what happens and we got her score back and said oh my gosh," said mother, Karen Glaesemann.

She got a 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT. Keep in mind, she's just in middle school.

"I just kind of assumed everyone else was doing that and just being quiet about it like me," said Lynnae.

So by spring semester, Lynnae was taking junior and senior classes at Chiawana High School. Her family realized Lynnae wasn't just smart. She was super smart. Her family began researching college for middle schoolers.

"Majority of kids that are very gifted, if they don't stay challenged they lose motivation , they lose focus and drive," said Karen.

Lynnae was recently accepted to Mary Baldwin College's Program for the Exceptional Gifted. It's an all girls school in Virginia. She was just one of 30 students selected. Lynnae also got a scholarship to cover about half of the tuition, costing more than 30 thousand a year.

"I am looking forward to the experience," said Lynnae.

Lynnae will spend what would have been her four years in high school in college instead. She'd get a bachelor's degree by age 18, but with Lynnae things might happen on her own schedule.

"I have not gotten A's before, I failed a couple Spanish quizzes."

Proof she's still human, despite her atypical path to success.

Lynnae says most people assume she doesn't have a social life, but she insists she does. She also admitted to us she studies up to ten-hours a day. And this is probably not the last you'll hear from Lynnae's family. Her younger sister took the SAT in middle school as well and also scored a 1500.