Pasco bond: Cutting class

PASCO, Wash. -- There's less than two weeks until the Pasco School District will learn their fate. The $46 million dollar bond they say is a must, could be tossed aside again. The reason? Parents are cutting class.

"Why did the bond fail so heartily," asked John Morgan, at the same time reciting past responses. "We didn't know it was that bad," he said. The solution for Pasco Public Schools this go around isn't much different.

"This time we're doing everything we can to talk to the community."
That could be the case, but at Wednesday's informational session, the last one before voting closes, empty chairs may foretell a repeat story.

"It's so nice to see people here, because there have been many nights when there's no one here," said Morgan to the attendees. And that's the problem said everyone at the meeting, all four of them. You need to educate the public on the bond they said, but you can't educate the masses if they don't come to class.

"The citizens know there's a bond and they need to vote," said Nathan Grimm, a Pasco resident. "I think the issue is getting the info of the bond for who it benefits is the hard part, if people don't come they can't get the information."

The husband to a teacher came to the meeting on Wednesday, but left unsure. "I'm on the fence, because I'm a frugal tax payer."
It's a line John Morgan's heard before, frugal himself, he turns to social media to rebut.

"Facebook, websites all the different things people tie into," he said. Unfortunately, it's not a gained edge. Pasco has had a Facebook support page for the bond since 2009.

Although majority of their parents have this time, Morgan said he wants people to realize kids can't cut class and they "are out of classroom space."

Residents have until Februrary 12th to vote.