Pasco firefighters celebrate graduation in middle of exhaustive fire season

Eight firefighters stand in front of the Pasco City Hall chambers for their graduation ceremony.

Fire season continues to scorch the state and firefighters are definitely feeling it, making the need for new ones essential.

The Pasco Fire Department celebrated the graduation of eight new firefighters on Friday.

With fire officials expecting to take on wildland fires up into October, their graduation couldn't have come at better time.

According to Benton County Fire District #1’s public information officer Tracy Baker, they've had to mobilize for the state at least once a week since mid-June, with those mobilizations lasting three to seven days.

That's left firefighters without some of their resources: "That makes us stretched thin here at home so people really have to pick up the responsibility and work longer, work harder."

Baker also says residents should still remain cautious, building both defensible spaces and obeying burn bans.

For more information about becoming a volunteer fire fighter, click here.

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