Pasco firefighters teach students lifesaving lessons

PASCO, Wash .— Pasco fire officials are partnering with 21st century, as part of an outreach program with middle schools in the Pasco School District.

These hands-on after school activities allow students to learn about the work at the fire department and it also teaches students how to perform lifesaving CPR.

This week students at Ochoa Middle School got to dress up like firefighters and practice saving a victim from a pretend fire.

“The main thing we're trying to hit with the kids is that CPR is so important, and hands-only CPR is very easy, and it can make a difference is somebody's life," said Public Education Specialist Ben Shearer, of the Pasco Fire Department.

Shearer added that not only does the program teach students useful life skills, but it can also spark an interest in a career as a firefighter or emergency responder.

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