Pasco fixing sidewalks

PASCO, Wash. -- KEPR told you how Kennewick is fixing sidewalks and asking homeowners to foot most of the bill. Now we've learned Pasco has a similar problem, but plans to cover the project costs.

The city identified four streets where tree roots are breaking up sidewalks. Park Street is the highest priority, along with Margaret Street, Nixon Street, and Sylvester Street.

Pasco wants to replace 35 trees and the sidewalks in front of them on Park Street, from Fifth Avenue to Tenth Avenue. The city hopes to use grant money to pay for it.

"These trees were planted maybe 70, 80 years ago, perhaps, and they are within the public right-of-way, and so the city feels some obligation to try to alleviate the problem," said Pasco Community and Economic Development Director Rick White.

The city hopes to replace the trees with a similar, more street-friendly variety. The project should be done next summer.