Pasco looking to clean up cars

PASCO, Wash. - Pasco is looking for new ways to clean up the city. One way is by fining local automotive shops for having too many cars on their property.

Daniel Cano has owned and operated Bonnie and Clydes Muffler shop for close to 20 years. He says he's never had a problem with cars overrunning his lot, but has seen plenty around town that have.

"When people don't have money to fix their cars, usually they take it in and leave it there," said Bonnie and Clyde's Muffler Shop owner, Daniel Cano.

Pasco is looking to clean up that problem by cracking down on auto shops with too many stagnant cars. Daniel agrees it doesn't look good, but says the businesses aren't always to blame.

"You fix a car, the person doesn't have the money, you can't give the car back til you get your money, otherwise you wouldn't get anything," said Cano.

Officials tell me fines could range from 250 to 500 dollars a day for violators.

"It's frustrating if I have to pay a fine for somebody else's rig," said Cano.

Daniel showed me a prime example. This car has been sitting on his lot for almost four months. It will stay there until Daniel gets paid.

"You gotta take whatever comes in, you can't turn business away,"
said Cano.

Kathy Morehouse has lived in Pasco for 25 years, she works at a local doctor's office and says she's sick of the cars.

"I do believe they are eyesores and I believe it would help our city to clean some of these up," said Pasco resident Kathy Morehouse.

Kathy believes taking care of it would bring more business to Pasco.

"People like a better appearance, they like to come to a nice place," said Morehouse.

KEPR is told that the city will make a decision in the next few weeks on the ordinance after a few workshops.