Pasco PD: Griggs Hardware Employees Help Officers Catch a Thief

Griggs theft.jpg

PASCO, Wash.

A man is behind bars this morning, after police say he stole from the Griggs Hardware Store in Pasco and tried to run off.

Pasco police say 31-year-old, Artemio Chapa, hid some stolen items under a child seat around 6 PM last night.

Officials say that when the security alarm went off, Chapa made a run for it.

According to Pasco PD, a team of Griggs’ employees took off after him, calling police during the pursuit.

Police say that they stopped the suspect on the corner of 10th Ave. and Bonneville St. and arrested him.

Officers booked Chapa for Possession of Meth and Shoplifting.

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