Pasco police investigating downtown shooting

PASCO, Wash. -- A barrage of gunfire left an East Pasco neighborhood riddled with bullet holes and broken glass.

Several people were involved in what police are calling a gang-related shooting last night.

When Debi Dykes left California this past summer, she wanted to put distance between her family and gang violence. But after what she says felt like a Wild West shootout Sunday night, she's having second thoughts about coming to the Tri-Cities.

"I thought I came to get away from some of this stuff and everything. I haven't even been here a year! So, it was quite an experience," she says.

Pasco Police described it as a drive-by shooting. It included several people in two cars, shooting at people outside homes on Broadway Street, near Whittier Elementary.

Up and down the entire street, you can see evidence of the carnage that happened Sunday night. Between broken glass on the ground and bullet holes on the sides of houses, it's amazing that no one was seriously hurt. One neighbor's truck had two bullet holes ripped right through it - police say, evidence of an assault rifle.

Police found at least 40 bullet casings. They said the gunfire was likely from a pistol and an AK-47.

Debi spent the morning checking her cars for bullet holes.

She didn't find any, but she did cut her arm when she dove to the ground as she heard gunshots. The man who is thought to be the intended victim isn't cooperating with police. He had just minor injuries. Police blamed it on gangs.

"Certainly I understand the sense of fear. And we'll provide extra coverage on those streets for a while and see what we can do to help them relieve some of the fears they currently have," says Pasco Police Department Capt. Jim Raymond.

The trouble comes amidst the recent crime stats from last year that identified Pasco as having the lowest crime rate in all of the Tri-Cities.

Debi is still scared.

"We hate to have to relocate, but I'm not accustomed to this. I'm too old for it anymore," she says.

Pasco PD seized two cars involved in the incident. They have two "persons of interest" but are not releasing their names.