Pasco police officer dodges a PT Cruiser in car collision

Pasco police officer dodges a PT Cruiser in car collision

PASCO, Wash. - A Pasco police officer has dodged an upside-down car crash at a four-way traffic stop.

Reports said Officer Raul Cavazos was at the intersection of Sandifur and Road 68 around 5:20 p.m. Thursday just seconds before a PT Cruiser drove through the flashing red light.

Police said the stop lights were temporarily flashing red at the time, making it a four-way stop and when the driver of the PT Cruiser drove through the intersection it collided with another oncoming car and flipped, landing exactly where Officer Cavazos was just standing.

Officer Cavazos had been talking to a driver stopped at the light heading west-bound Sandifur as the driver was not taking the opportunity to drive through, according to officials.

Thankfully Officer Cavazos explained the four-way stop situation to the driver and returned to his patrol car before the PT Cruiser crashed, rolled and landed exactly where he was standing.

Pasco police are currently investigating the crash.

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