Pasco votes to annex "Donut Hole" Area 2

PASCO -- It is official. The city of Pasco approved a resolution Monday night to annex part of the Franklin County Donut Hole.

City leaders were holding a public hearing on the matter. It was the final legal requirements before elected leaders could officially annex a portion of the Donut Hole, known as Area 2.

And neighbors made use of every opportunity to be heard. Some were strongly in support of annexation. Others continued to rail against it, and criticized Pasco officials for stripping away their right to vote on the matter.

After more than two hours of public comment, the city sealed the deal. Council members passed an ordinance to annex Area 2, the largest section of the Donut Hole, consisting of about 1400 property owners.

Annexation would become effective January 1, 2013.

But the issue is still headed for the courtroom. Several neighbors filed a lawsuit against the city, hoping for an injunction to stop partial annexation.

The hearing has twice been postponed, most recently Monday morning with the judge recused himself from the case. It's unknown the reason why.

The hearing is now scheduled for Friday morning, when a decision may come once and for all.

Donut Hole neighbors against annexation say they still have additional legal options to reverse city council's decision.

Action News learned they intend to file another petition to shrink the Pasco city limits to its original size before annexation. They also want to force another election of city leaders, saying the current administration failed to represent their interests.