Pasco wants residents to pay for new fences

PASCO, Wash. -- While Pasco is willing to pay for new sidewalks and trees, the city wants residents to pay for new fences.

Fences along Interstate 182 in Pasco will be required to have a specific look. The city wants to make cedar uniform for homes backing up to the freeway. Similar fences were installed around homes on Road 100 and Road 84.

Pasco will take care of the contractor, but then send you the bill, with a cost up to $800.

"I wish that there was an alternative, but I realize that if I try to do it on my own, then I'm going to have to have some way to haul it away and someone to put it up for me, so if the city is willing to do that, I'm willing to help foot the bill," said resident Joyce Webster.

Pasco would give people a year to pay the bill, but there is no timeline set for the project.