People cast votes and share vision of future "Playground of Dreams"

People cast votes and share vision of future "Playground of Dreams"

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick's Playground of Dreams is getting renovated and revamped, but not without the community's input.

City officials went to the park today to ask people young and old to share their vision for the playground.

People cast their votes with stickers for playthings like balance boards and teeter totters.

One voter was a man who helped build the playground years ago. He says hearing the news that it will be torn down is bittersweet.

"However I would like to see some things added,” said Rafael De Leon, who helped build the original playground. “The zip lines, the climbing walls, I think this place in some senses doesn't have enough for my kids, so I’d like to see that improved."

Rafael said he's thrilled that he and his daughter have a voice in this project.

Some fan favorites today? There were tons of stickers rooting for the zip line. If you want to cast your vote, just reach out to the city of Kennewick.

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