Phase two ready to break ground in Badger Mountain South development

Phase two ready to break ground in Badger Mountain South development

RICHLAND, Wash. - Crews are getting ready to break ground on the second phase of a massive development underway in Richland. The master planned community at Badger Mountain South got off to a slow start a few years back, but things have turned around.

Dan Bruchman has been with the project on the back side of Badger Mountain since the beginning, representing the developer in selling land to builders. They are already selling phase two of the project. "Actually out of the 143 lots we have letters of intent from builders in the community that exceed our lot count."

Sales got off the ground slowly for phase one a few years ago, mostly due to strict building guidelines like requiring all garages to be alley loaded. The rules have now been eased allowing some street facing garages as well as three car garages.

The goal is create a more homey look, kind of a throwback. "It's a row of front porches, and sidewalks and landscaping. It's just a more pedestrian friendly environment. Sometimes it's hard to describe the components that make something feel homey, but you know it when you feel it," says Bruchman.

In the near future, there are plans for a gas station near I-82, and long term plans for at least two schools, more commercial development, including a wine village, medical services, parks and eventually a fire station.

Rick Simon is the Development Services Manager for the City of Richland. He says the city is pleased to see the growing interest in Badger Mountain South, "clearly because this is such a large piece of Richland's future development area we were concerned that things wouldn't be successful out there. But they seemed to have turned a corner on that and we're seeing a lot more activity."

Bruchman attributes some of the new enthusiasm to a land and housing crunch in the Tri-Cities. "It's a shortage, a genuine shortage."

He says over the next 20 years five thousand houses will be built in the area, but the vineyards and views will remain.

The price of a home in the Badger Mountain South community ranges from the mid-200 to 600 thousand dollars.

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