Playground of Dreams to undergo complete renovations

Kennewick Parks and Recreation plans to completely remodel Playground of Dreams.

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Every playground structure has a life cycle, and with that comes the decision of how to preserve its history.

Playground of Dreams is a well-known establishment for kids in Kennewick. Although the nearly 20-year-old park was just repaired this past fall, Kennewick Parks and Recreation says more has to be replaced.

That's mostly because the playground is old and made of wood, but they say a huge motivation to renovate the area is to develop a playground for kids of all abilities.

"We need to honor the past of the Playground of Dreams and all those volunteer efforts and the experience the the kids are currently receiving there,” Park Facilities and Recreation Director Cheryl Bolin said. “When you have an inclusive playground, it brings children all together because they don't see those disabilities."

Kennewick Parks and Recreation will hold open houses at later dates to involve the community in further plans for the project, but for now, the playground will stay open through the summer.

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