Police arrest motorcycle driver following 3 pursuits

KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE -- On Friday, October 5, 2012 Officer Bennett attempted to overtake and stop a motorcycle going in excess of 100 mph going east on 10th form Columbia Center Blvd. The attempt was terminated, with a partial description of the bike and rider.

On Saturday, October 6, 2012 Officer Meyer observed a similar motorcycle and rider at the light, 4th and Columbia Center Blvd. The rider looked at Officer Meyer and accelerated to an excessive rate of speed on the light change, again, going in excess of 100 mph east on 10th from Columbia Center Blvd. Officers ahead of the vehicle at 10th and Huntington attempted to stop it when it reached his location. The driver failed to stop and officers terminated the pursuit at 10th and 395.

At about 4:00 AM October 8, Officer Kiel observed the motorcycle and driver in the area of 19th and 395 heading south at an excessive rate of speed. Officer Kiel attempted to overtake and was able to do so when the motorcycle turned into Canyon Lakes. Officer Kiel terminated the pursuit.

Additional officers continued to search the area and several minutes later, the motorcycle was located next to 3502 S. Conway Pl. The area was search and the driver, 20 year old Shane Ajax was located, hiding in the back yard.

Ajax attempted to discard his helmet and back pack prior to apprehension. The back pack smelled of marijuana and has been seized pending a search warrant.

Ajax confessed to all three incidents. The motorcycle was impounded and Ajax booked on 2 counts Eluding, 2 counts Reckless, and numerous infractions were issued. Additional charges to follow pending the results of the search warrant.