Police continue burglary investigations

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker is following up on the outbreak of burglaries in the Tri-Cities. Officers have made multiple arrests, including those of two men blamed for possibly breaking into model homes. Police say these men could have even more victims.

Hundreds of dollars worth of property was snatched from a company's model home two days ago. Just 48 hours later, all that furniture was returned to its rightful owner.

"Honestly, it's really unsettling to think about somebody breaking into a house, throwing a rock into a window and taking all of your stuff out," said burglary victim Jen Burns.

Jen Burns is the office manager for REA Construction. Their model home was one of three sites targeted this week.

"It was kind of scary to think, our realtors are in and out of there, and that maybe people are watching," added Burns.

Police are connecting these burglaries to at least three in Richland and one in Pasco. KPD tells us one of the men arrested in the Richland cases may be blamed for the Kennewick burglaries.

"There can be no substitute for good police work. Meaning, you talk to other detectives, you talk to other agencies, you collaborate, you share notes," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

In just three weeks, more than 100 burglaries have been reported across the Tri-Cities. That includes West Richland and the surrounding counties as well. Locations are scattered.

Kennewick reports several cases down by Canyon Lakes, and others in the west end of town. Over in Pasco, most burglaries have been in the east area. Some cases in Richland are located in the central section. Police hope the continued investigation leads to more answers.

"The result is, you get people in jail, we recover stolen property. That's what the people expect of us, and we do that by doing good police work," said Sgt. Lattin.

The two men in this case were also caught with a lucky break from a determined newspaper delivery driver. The woman knew those homes were supposed to be empty and followed the men at a safe distance while on the phone with police, so the arrests could be made.