Police find suspected 'Kennewick Killer' in Spokane

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Police have arrested the person accused of gunning down a young man in a Kennewick home Friday night. The Benton County Coroner's Office has identified the victim of the Kennewick shooting as 24 year old Franklin Scott Evans Palmer -- who was a Kennewick resident. The autopsy is currently being conducted. Officials will release results at a later date. Grant Scantling was on his way back to Benton County from Spokane Friday evening, charged with first-degree murder.

The case leaves a young man dead in what police described as a "problem home." KEPR spoke to neighbors who agreed with the cops description, as Kennewick see's its first murder.

Caution tape and police cars suddenly lined East Eighth Place within an hour of sunrise. Inside, the body of 24 year old Palmer, shot to death.

"I left at about 7:30 this morning, there was a gentleman standing outside of the house and I didn't see anything wrong," said neighbor Brian Noll.

Brian Noll may not have seen anything wrong, but Nancy Delgado says she heard it.

"I was just getting ready to get my kids to get ready to go to school and before that, is when I heard the screaming," said neighbor Nancy Delgado.

Nancy lives directly behind the home where the man was found.

"I just heard someone say get out of the way, that's it."

Police tell us a 911 came from inside the home on East Eighth, it's where the murder victim and the prime suspect both lived. Officers believe their man is 41 year old Grant Scantling. Investigators say this appears to be a fight within the home, but Scantling was not related to the dead man.

"I know there were some issues, domestic issues between the women that lived there and her ex," said Noll.

Since the problem house became a crime scene, it scared this neighbor enough that he didn't want to show his face on camera.

"Kind of like with the traffic, the kind of people that have hung around there, we were expecting something to happen, but maybe not this, not as personal as this one is," said an anonymous neighbor, who we will call "John."

Even if he was expecting something, he wasn't expecting murder.

"It's shocking, really shocking especially if it is who they are saying it is," said "John."

Kennewick Police requested help from the state crime lab to process the scene. They say a witness was there at the time of the shooting, so they have a pretty good idea of how a young man lost his life, early Friday in this Kennewick home.

Kennewick police suspected Grant Scantling of first degree murder. The Spokane home and neighborhood of a known friend of his was roped off and a standoff began. After about two hours, Scantling came out with his hands up, but then tried to make a run for it.

He was tackled by the police; no shots were fired.

Scantling will be brought back to Benton County to face murder charges.