Police identify Pasco shooter that injured three

PASCO, WA. - KEPR has learned more about the shooting in Pasco that hurt three-people last night. The suspected shooter is still out there. We spoke with the women who saw and heard the bloody scene.

Maria Granados was in the manager's office at the Thunderbird Motel last night when she heard yelling and then gunfire.

"I heard the shots, I got so scared, so I didn't know to go outside or to call the cops, I was thinking of my daughter and son," said Maria Granados.

As Pasco Police cars screamed to the motel on Columbia Street, Maria realized the gunshots came from the second floor. Maria's children were in the room directly below.

"I was in room 116 and I see these two guys upstairs with a gun and as soon as I came in I heard a couple gunshots," said Maria Villarreal, Granados' daughter.

Three people were hit.

"I heard this guy get shot in the head," said Villarreal.

A single shell from a sawed-off shotgun hit one person in the head and hurt two others. Hours later police determined this is their trigger-man 27-year old Jose Cisneros. Maria saw the victim moments later.

"The guy who was shot was in the office so I asked 'what happened, what happened," said Granados. "I got so scared because I could see the blood from his head."

Maria and her daughter still trying to process it all.

"I am shaking and I don't know what to think, I just got so scared," said Granados.

"I heard a lot of people yelling so I just stayed inside," said Villarreal.

As the acting manager of the motel, Maria says the place is home to a lot of rough characters.

"Many times I told my boss, 'why do you rent to these people?'," said Granados.

Maria may not get that question answered as police look for a motive behind the shooting at the Thunderbird Motel.

Police are still looking for Cisneros. He may be driving an older model Pontiac Grand Am. It's maroon with Oregon plates. We do not know the name of the victim who was shot in the head. Police say he was flown to a Seattle trauma center but expected to survive. The other two-people are out of the hospital.