Police make arrest in Christmas Eve murder


KENNEWICK, Wash -- Kennewick police have made an arrest in the Christmas Eve stabbing death of 23-year old Gerardo Villamar. On Wednesday, police thought they tracked the murder suspect to a home on East Second and called out the SWAT team. They did not find the suspect, but took in three people for questioning.

As a result of those interviews police contacted the 17-year-old suspect, and, after a lengthy discussion by phone, he agreed to turn himself in. Police say he was cooperative and provided them with an account of the event of the Christmas Eve death investigation.

The suspect has been booked into the Benton/Franklin Juvenile Justice Center.

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- There are new developments in the Christmas Eve murder of Gerardo Villamar.

He was killed after an argument turned into a riot on East Second Avenue in Kennewick. Villamar was stabbed multiple times in the upper back and died at the hospital.

The police were following up on leads Wednesday afternoon. They were trying to track down the murder suspect.

They thought they had him at a home on East Second and called out the SWAT team. They used flash grenades to scare the suspects into coming out of the house. This scared some of the neighbors, who fled the area, fearing gunfire would break out. Many trying to get home were turned away by the police.

After about a half hour, the officers were able to get the people inside to come out.

"As a result of the severity of the homicide, we asked the SWAT team to assist us in making contact. We just couldn't get them to answer the door to come out and talk to us so the flash bang that they used was basically an attention getter for them", said Sgt. Jack Simington of the Kennewick Police Department.

The murder suspect wasn't in the house, but two people wanted for questioning in that fatal stabbing were arrested.