Police officer cleared in fatal Umatilla County shooting

PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) -- A grand jury has cleared an Eastern Oregon officer in a fatal shooting last month.

Umatilla County District Attorney Dan Primus told the East Oregonian it took the jurors "not long" Tuesday to find that Sgt. Erik Palmer was justified in killing 55-year-old Tere David King.

Investigators say officers sought King for two days after a disturbance, and when he aimed his pickup truck at Palmer, the officer shot out its tires and then shot King when he emerged holding a weapon.

As a Pendleton police officer Palmer fatally shot a man in 2008 and wounded another man in 2011. Grand juries cleared him in both cases.

He's one of two officers in Athena, population 1,125. Mayor John Shafer said he has returned to duty from administrative leave.