Police: Playdate may have saved child's life

Police say playdate may have saved childs life

Pasco, WASH - A Pasco mother and her boyfriend are in jail after police allege they ignored and maybe even caused a baby's head injury.

Hospital officials said the child was discharged from Kadlec and is recovering somewhere safe. Pasco Police said things could have ended tragically but didn't thanks to a playdate and the concerned mom who saw something and called it in.

The Pasco Police were called to the Carjo Apartments on Sylvester Street for a welfare check on a 5-month-old baby boy last week.

Court documents say Savanna J. Roger, 21, had another new-mom over for a playdate. When the other mother met the victim she immediately noticed he had "a fat upper lip that was greenish and split on the inside", "black and blue bruising on his left ear", "swelling on the back of his head" and a "fingerprint on the back of his head and between his shoulder blades".

When the other mother questioned Roger about the victim's trauma, Roger said the baby got hurt while being tended by her boyfriend, Caleb Crenshaw, 20.

Roger also mentioned this was not the first time the baby had been hurt while in Crenshaw's care.

Roger said she would take the child to the doctor "one day".

Sgt. Brad Gregory with Pasco Police said what happened next is important because it doesn't always happen,

"If you see something that doesn't look right, it doesn't hurt to call the police. In this case a kid had some bruises that didn't look right so this person called the police."

When the Pasco Police knocked at Roger's apartment to perform a welfare check, they noted they could hear a child crying and a man shouting "shut up, shut up, shut up" before Crenshaw finally answered the door.

The victim was in a play pen "crying wildly" with noticeable bruising and swelling. When the officer asked Roger what had caused the trauma, the probable cause document states "she simply responded that everything was fine with the child".

It was only when the responding officer got Roger outside, away from Crenshaw, she finally acknowledged the child's injuries.

Pasco Police called Child Protective Services and the child was taken to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.

Sgt. Gregory said it's vital for the community to call in and report these kinds of things,

"Had we not been called we may not have got that kid checked out and something worse could have happened. Whether its an accident or on purpose its clearly not good for the child. "

Roger and Crenshaw appeared before Franklin County Superior Court on Wednesday.

They're both being held on bail charged with first-degree Criminal Mistreatment.

Crenshaw is also being charged with assault of a child in the first degree.

To report something suspicious in your area:

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