Police say Richland is safer in new report

RICHLAND, WA. - The KEPR Crime Tracker is looking closer at burglaries in Richland. We poured over the city's first-ever crime report and found 60 reasons to have you feeling more secure.

The department posted its first ever Police Report. The headline - overall crime is down six percent.

"This is a document I am very proud to be a part of because I think it does highlight all the work we have done and it's been good work," said Captain Mike Cobb.

One of the biggest drops came to burglaries. After a spike in 2011, last year saw nearly 60 fewer cases. Police say you've helped them help you.

"One of the things that helps a great deal is when people secure their vehicle, secure their property, take valuables out of plain view," said Cpt. Cobb.

One of those people is a longtime resident of Richland, Tom Landsiedel. He has been a part of his neighborhood watch program for over 25 years.

"Some of my neighbors have keys to my house to keep an eye on it, I'm not always home every minute, so it's very important," said Tom Landsiedel.

Police say everyone is vulnerable, no matter what kind of car or home you have.

"Everyone needs a hand, because they can't be everywhere they have to be so, it's important to keep an eye out for each other," said Landsiedel.

For neighbors like Tom, they understand that though crime is down -- the potential to be a victim is always out there.

One of the high-profile burglary outbreaks from last year was in the Hills West neighborhood where people were targeted while they were sleeping. They had stuff stolen right off the nightstand next to them, but police said they never found the people responsible.

We took our research into crime in Richland a bit further and found aggravated assault was down 15 percent, there were nearly 100 less instances, and there was a 28 percent decrease in fraud.