Police searching for "road rage" Shooter

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Amber Davenport isn't usually phased by crime in her Kennewick neighborhood.

Amber says, "Gangs, drive by shooting, nothing really stood out to me... Besides yesterday."

It was an unusual morning on East Sixth when a car chase on the Cable Bridge led to bullets flying through Amber's neighborhood.

"I heard four pops and I instantly ducked and I was like 'What was that?" She describes.

This truck tells part of what happened. Parked along East Sixth and Ivy, it took a bullet to the back window, losing a piece of the rear-view mirror and then hit the windshield. Luckily, no one was inside the truck at the time. Neighbors are no less scared. A man says he was shot at after accidentally cutting another driver off on the bridge. The shooter is still out there.

"Is it gonna happen again? Knowing that they didn't find the people who shot at it," Amber tells KEPR.

Police don't believe it was a gang-related incident. After reviewing traffic cameras on the Cable Bridge, they said it really does look like someone accidentally did cut off another driver.

Ken Lattin from Kennewick police says, "Somebody who's got an anger management problem."

Cameras on the bridge are meant to measure traffic flow and accidents, not police investigations.

"We can't see license plates, can't see occupants, it's very grainy black and white picture," Lattin explains.

But they can see a basic description of the shooter's car. Police now believe it's a 90's model, green, four-door Ford Contour. A popular car to say the least.

Sgt. Lattin continues, "We're depending on someone coming forward and saying her, I Know so and so, drives this car, has a gun has a temper."

It could be all it takes to crack this random shooting wide open. Police are not naming the driver who was shot at, but they don't believe he knew his random assailant.