Police track neighborhood speed issues

RICHLAND, Wash. -- After hearing community concerns about speeding along several streets in Richland, police are putting out resources to track down the problem.

For 15 years, Cami Abbott say she watches the same thing happen outside her home.

“You hear people racing by all night long," said Abbott.

Speeding cars scare this mother so much, she put a line of protection around her lawn.

“That fence is there to keep the kids from running into the road because I know cars don't always pay attention,” she said.

However, Abbott learned local officers are watching.

“We want to make sure that you are being heard and we are addressing your concerns,” said Richland Police Department’s Crime Prevention Specialist Cerise Peck.

Peck says the first step is putting out a speed tracker in areas notorious for speeding.

“It serves as a reminder to the passerby of the speed limit in the area and it's also something we use to collect the data,” said Peck.

It's a great tool to make sure drivers are paying attention.

Less than two weeks ago, Richland police say a driver at the intersection of Thayer and Swift drove through a stop light and smashed into the side of a bus, flipping it onto its side

Luckily, the injuries from the crash were only minor, but it's an example of what neighbors are seeing on their streets.

“You do get complacent,” said Peck, adding “We have people coming and going down Thayer right now. I'm sure this is their normal drive to work or a commonly used street for them, so it's a reminder if it’s showing you’re above the speed limit. You think I’m going too fast.”

These speed trackers have circled around a number of local streets for a week at a time.

From Keene to Swift and meadow drive, officers say it's resulted in more police patrols in problem areas.

Neighbors hope it's a first step of many to keep their kids safe.

“Can it help this time, I don't know,” said Abbott, adding “I hope so.”

Officers say they want you to call, email or even Facebook message Richland Police Department if you think speed is an issue in your neighborhood.

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