Port of Kennewick dedicates family-friendly area on the south shore of Clover Island

"The Exchange" by artist Rodd Ambroson installed in The Gathering Place on the new, extended boardwalk of the Clover Island Marina. This installation was designed to share the Tribes' history, culture, and tradition of gathering tule reeds within the area now known as Clover Island.

KENNEWICK, Wash - The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation helped The Port of Kennewick dedicate the shoreline improvements on Clover Island, today.

The Nixyaawii Dance Troop performed after the tribes blessed and dedicated the new, mixed-use commercial area on the south shoreline of Clover Island.

The improvements include and extended boardwalk and bronze art installations.

City leaders hope the improvements will attract businesses and become a vibrant, family-friendly destination.

“When 9-11 hit,” said Skip Novakovich, the Commissioner of the Port of Kennewick, “People I think wanted to find places where they could go and meet their fellow man. And meet their neighbors and just get to know them and get to know their community. Who does what, and how can I help you? And that’s what its all about.”

The area will be called The Gathering place and today's ceremony celebrates a 10-year partnership between tribes and local governments to commemorate the Umatilla people and culture.

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