Port of Pasco looking to develop land east of Cable Bridge

PASCO, Wash. - A barren field near the Cable Bridge is ripe for development and it's getting more likely that will happen. Pasco spent the last decade cleaning petroleum waste on more than 50 acres, now, it could house stores and restaurants.

Ira Schmidt is anxious for something new to come to east Pasco.

"There isn't anything in this area any longer, all there is a little restaurant on the corner of 10th, that's it," said Pasco resident, Ira Schmidt.

And that may change, the Port of Pasco is looking to redevelop the Marina Terminal. It's more than 50 acres on the waterfront, between 9th and 5th Avenue, just east of the cable Bridge.

"You have go to change things, can't stay stagnant forever," said Schmidt.

It's taken ten years to clean what was left behind from a plant once on the site, it contaminated the ground with diesel, gas, and petroleum.

"The marine terminal is a front door for Pasco, when people come across the Cable Bridge and we want it to reflect that," said Pasco Director of development and Marketing, Gary Ballew.

That front door may include tasting rooms, restaurants, and some light manufacturing.

"As citizens, we would all like to see more happening with the waterfront, get more engaged, get more opportunities to come visit it," said Ballew.

Port of Pasco owns 90% of the site, but officials do not have a budget or timetable for the project. They hope to mirror the plans set up by the Port of Kennewick, currently redeveloping its land on the south end of the Blue Bridge.

"They're at the forefront of this, they are pioneers looking at this type of development and seeing it they can make it happen, so they're answering a lot of questions for us," said Ballew.

And those questions are the same Pasco residents hope are answered.

"Get with it, get something done with it great," said Schmidt.