Pot busts becoming more common since legalization

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Two kennewick men are in jail on charges of 1st degree robbery and burglary.

Last monday, 23-year old Luke Loftus and 29-year old Chris Meyer broke into a house on West 21st Ave. They were armed with a handgun and a baseball bat. One took a large duffel bag full of medical marijuana while the other was confronted by the resident.
Police say they've seen a rise in these types of crimes.

"In times past, you're not gonna say my illegal narcotics were taken, you know you're not gonna do that, but now that it's legal to posess it becomes a lawful theft, and so when it is taken we're gonna see more of that, and we have, we have seen more thefts of madicinal marijuana," said Kennewick Corporal Todd Dronen.

The victim waited three days before reporting the incident to police.