Prosecutors: Former mayor arrested again, sits naked in jail

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Union Gap's former mayor remains in jail after his second arrest in less than a week. Jim Lemon faces charges of domestic violence, obstruction and more. Police say he got out of hand at his parent's house. Lemon's behavior has him held in isolation.

It's the latest turn in what seems to be the recent downward spiral for Jim Lemon. Yakima police officers arrested him late Sunday at his parents house. Court documents indicate they called for help because Lemon was throwing things in their house destroying property.

"Given the fact that he's a public official, regardless of that, we're going to treat him like we do anybody else," YPD Captain Rod Light said.

Court records say Lemon's parents were locked out of their own house they officers arrived. He did not come out willingly.

"Officers actually had to breach the door to get inside the residence to get him," Light said.

They knocked down the door and police say he still resisted arrest.

"He's going to face criminal charges and he will be treated accordingly while he's in custody depending on how he wants to behave," Light said.

During his booking at YPD, court documents say Lemon continued to act erratically. At one point saying "I surrender to the Lord." From there, police say the former Union Gap mayor took off all his clothes and sat naked in his jail. That behavior kept him from appearing in court Monday morning.

"If he wants to misbehave, then he'll find himself sitting in an isolation cell until he chooses to cooperate with us," Light said.

For now, that's where Jim Lemon sits: in an isolation cell. Jim Lemon's parents were in court today in case he appeared. They declined to talk with KIMA.

Lemon is now scheduled to be in court tomorrow. Authorities plan to evaluate him before he's released. His $30,000 bail is higher than normal for the charges.

This is the second time Lemon has been arrested in 4 days. He was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of DUI in Union Gap.