Prosser hoping to keep more pot shops out of city

PROSSER, Wash. - Prosser opened the first pot shop in our area and now city leaders want to make sure it's the last. Council is looking to put a ban on any new pot businesses in Prosser.

Altitude is doing a brisk business selling weed on Merlot Drive, but Prosser leaders are still struggling with the fact that it's there.

"It's frustrating that the state passed it and come up with good mandates," said Prosser Councilman, Steve Brecken.

Which is why city council is looking to keep Altitude the one, and only, shop in the area, hoping to pass a six month moratorium on marijuana, hoping to keep others away.

"The advantage for a moratorium is there are no rules on distribution or growers in town and they want to come up with rules to regulate that," said Councilman Brecken.

A moratorium would mean Altitude has no competitors, but it could limit the hours they're open.

"If the city wants us to be certain amount of hours, it is what it is, we're doing business in their town so we want to be compliant with whatever they want to do," said Altitude Ambassador, Manel Valenzuela.

Many Prosser residents I spoke with, believe that a moratorium is just delaying the inevitable and the same sentiment was felt from council. Residents say they are also getting frustrated.

"I'm tired of it, tired of hearing about it, I'd rather we spend our time and money and politicians on different things," said Prosser resident, Marcy Roth.

And while Council can't predict what will happen in the future, Councilman Steve Becken is predicting the moratorium vote.

"I think it will be a 7-0 vote in favor of it," said Councilman Brecken.

"We'll cross that bridge once we cross it, for right now just taking it day by day and we just want to do everything in compliance, whatever that consists of, they will let us know and we'll be mor than happy to oblige to what they want us to do," said Valenzuela.

Council Members will vote on the six-month pot moratorium next Tuesday.