Prosser police report 13 car prowls in 2 weeks, valuables and car batteries stolen

A car prowl victims window was smashed out on 4th St. off Sheridan Ave.

PROSSER, Wash. – Prosser residents have been the targets of car prowls recently with 13 reports in two weeks.

Now Prosser police want the public's help finding the culprit.

Action News went to the neighborhoods that were hit the hardest.

"My neighbor’s car, her window was completely smashed and she was very upset," Prosser resident Cheryl Taylor said.

Taylor is saddened that two of her next-door neighbors were victims of the recent car prowls.

"What's bad about the whole thing,” Taylor explained. “Shelly lost her husband in the Iraqi war. She's like a hometown hero and we’re proud of her because she took the ultimate hit. So, for someone to do this to her, that's really horrible."

She and other neighbors are concerned to hear about the police reports of more than a dozen car prowls which started April 9, all in the areas of 1000 block of Grant Ave., 1200 block of Kinney Way, and 300 block 4th St. off Sheridan Ave.

"That is really troubling," she said.

Police said thieves are stealing valuables left inside vehicles, as well as making off with car batteries.

"Always keep your doors locked, whether it’s your car, your home, or an out building," Officer Mark Cole said.

Cole added that majority of the victims left their doors unlocked.

"Criminals are lazy for the most part,” he said. “They're looking for the easy item to steal."

Officer Cole stresses that the Prosser Police Department needs the public's assistance to solve these crimes.

“Help us,” he said. “Because a lot of the cases we solve is where community members come in and tell us one little clue and it opens the door up for us to solve the crime.”

Prosser is a safe place, Cole said, but like any community, it still has its criminals.

"We need to let the public know what's going on in Prosser, we're not having an uptick in crime, we're just telling you what's going on, and I think that's a good thing," Cole said.

As a security specialist, Taylor also stresses that crime prevention is key and that’s why she protects her home with ADT.

"Protection is important, especially with your children and your family, your home, or your business," Taylor said.

With a security system in place, and a neighborhood watch, she hopes this message helps keep other residents in town safe.

If you saw anything suspicious that could help police solve this crime, please call the non-emergency dispatch at 786-2112 or email police at

For more ADT Security information, Cheryl Taylor is an authorized local ADT Dealer. You can contact her at 509-778-1086.

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