Prosser's missing man

PROSSER, Wash. -- It's an unusual case for the small town of Prosser. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Preston Yahne.

"We're all you know hoping for the best, praying for the family, praying for him, hoping it's not him you know," says Jesus Garcia a former Preston High School student.

Concern for Preston started Sunday when his family reported him missing to Benton County deputies. Then his burned out car was found Tuesday on private property at the corner of Emerson and South Emerson Roads in Sunnyside.

Neighbors told KIMA that Preston Yahne's car was found burned in this gravel pit, with a body inside.

Yakima County's coroner says it's possible Preston is the one in the car, but that can't confirm it yet. He can't even say if it's a man or a woman.

The remains will be sent to Seattle to get a match through DNA or dental records. Yakima County deputies only say this is a criminal investigation, but there's no indication who is behind this or why.

Preston graduated from Prosser High School in 2009 and played on the football team. Principal Kevin Lusk calls the current situation tragic.

KIMA learned Preston joined the Air Force after high school. He served a year and a half until he got out in December 2010. The military won't say the reason for his discharge. He came home to work at several local businesses, including Taste of Heaven Cookies, this Chevron gas station and Hog Heaven Barbecue.

Friends and family KIMA spoke with didn't want to talk on camera. They would only say he is a great person. For now, everyone waits for investigators to solve this mystery.