Quack! Duck race buys $12,000 in books

MID-COLUMBIA READING FOUNDATION NEWS RELEASE-- Thanks to funds received from this year's Columbia Center Rotary Duck Racewhich raises money for various charitable organizations throughout the communitywaiting rooms and offices throughout the community will be a little more enjoyable for kids and families.

The Children's Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia received more than $12,000 to purchase 250 community reading baskets that will be placed in various locations, including medical waiting rooms, Laundromats, and restaurants.

Children often accompany their parents and guardians when they run errands. Books are an enjoyable outlet for kids and give families an opportunity to read together while they are waiting at an area business. This is a convenient and effective way to encourage families to read together 20 minutes every day!

Columbia Center Rotarian and Committee Chair for Duck Race funds, Cathryn Tames, said this project is a perfect example of how the civic group can bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service. "The ability to provide 250 community reading baskets to reach thousands of children in our community is a testament of the impact we can make by working together. We are proud to be able to promote literacy and help local kids develop a love of reading."