Queensgate continues to grow

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Richland residents will have some more choices when it comes to dining very soon. The ever growing Queensgate area continues to expand and there's also a new hotel coming to Road 68 in Pasco.

Russ Cazier has been in the food business for 25 years, he owns 26 Subways and five Costa Vidas in the surrounding area. Russ loves the idea of competing businesses.

"It just means you have to be better than them, so it ups the game and your quality has to be better," said Russ Cazier.

Russ learned that a Qdoba will be built right next to the Five Guys in Vintners Square, a similar type of restaurant to his Costa Vida.

"Somebody's sales are going to go down, it keeps everyone on top of their game, price wise, quality of product, and customer service," said Cazier.

Also being built is a Jack Hops, similar to a Red Robin, and a Marshalls next to PetCo. and Famous Footwear.

"If you're not as good as your competition, you shouldn't expect to have your customers coming in as often," said Cazier.

The city of Richland says it is hard to quantify in dollars how much it will boost local economy, but they say there is no doubt it will.

"Now retail development there is more activity, more jobs, more alternatives for residents to spend their dollars," said Development Services Manager, Rick Simon.

Pasco is already in the process of adding a new, 64 room hotel right next to the TRAC. "My Place" Economy Extended Stay will be complete in the fall, but it won't have any of the frills high end hotels may have. And that means local businesses receive more foot traffic.

"Any activity that drives people by our doors is huge for us," said General Manger of Cousin's Restaurant, Mike Freelund.

"A hotel being built in Pasco is a good healthy sign that there are people visiting the area," said Cazier.

And people visiting the area means more dollars spent in lour area.

"People will have their options as to which is better, the more choices you have in an area that is developing, that is a sign of good economic health going on out there," said Cazier.

The "My Place" hotel will be up and running in September. There is no timetable for when the Queensgate projects will be complete.