Radioactive contamination discovered on Hanford worker's clothing

Radioactive contamination discovered on Hanford worker's clothing

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) -- Radioactive contamination was found on a worker at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Hanford officials said contamination was discovered on the worker's clothing while working at an underground waste storage tank, Thursday evening.

The worker was pulling a robotic device known as a crawler out of the space between the double walls of Tank AZ-101.

Reports from the Associated Press said monitors detected radiation at three times the expected level and the workers left the area.

The worker's protective clothing was removed, and monitors showed no further contamination on that worker. All members of the crew were cleared for normal duty, according to Hanford officials.

Reports said no other workers were affected by any detected contamination.

Governor Jay Inslee released a statement in regards to the possible leak, saying, "Today’s alarming incident at Hanford elevates the urgency of the federal government to prioritize and fund all critical cleanup at this aging nuclear reservation. We are not aware of any nuclear waste leaking outside the AZ-101 double-shelled tank, but we expect the U.S. Department of Energy to immediately investigate and report on the source of contamination.

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"This comes on the heels of last week’s tunnel collapse. It is another urgent reminder that Congress needs to act, and they need to act quickly." Inslee added.

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