Remembering 14-year-old Hunter Conner

BURBANK, Wash. -- It was a packed house at the auditorium of Columbia High School Saturday, gathering to remember the life of a Burbank teen who died in a snowboarding accident last week.

14-year-old Hunter Conner suffered a broken pelvis and internal bleeding. The coroner is expected to say next week what the official cause of death was.

But Saturday, it wasn't about the end of Hunter's life; it was about his legacy. Family and friends remember Hunter for his incredible sense of humor, his athleticism, bravery, positivity and perseverance.

Teachers say he won't be forgotten.

"He always laughed. He loved getting people to laugh, and just really enjoyed life. Like I always said, I mean, he died tragically doing what he loved though. That was spreading his wings and getting out there and living life," said teacher Tyler Reeser.

We're told the community pitched in big time, covering much of the memorial costs.